URTH SHAVE FORMULA - Ozbarber title="URTH SHAVE FORMULA - Ozbarber">
URTH SHAVE FORMULA - Ozbarber title="URTH SHAVE FORMULA - Ozbarber">

Urth Shave Formula 177ml

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For use with or without a brush, this rich & luxurious cream creates a slick & protective barrier for a smooth close shave. A fusion of antiseptic herbal extracts & essential oils minimize razor bumps & soothe / calm razor irritations.

Scoop out a small amount and apply to your beard (very moist –well prepared and softened with warm water or soaked with hot towel) with fingers or a shave brush. A little goes a long ways on a wet moist beard. Massage cream into your beard to create a nice lather. Leave on beard for a minute then massage again with moist fingers or shave brush to reinvigorate lather and begin shaving. Always shave with a clean blade & rinse blade frequently with warm water. Follow with Face Balm SPF 15 to hydrate, detoxify, and protect.

Ingredients: Soy, Safflower Oil, Lavender Oil, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil, Spearmint Oil, Bergamot Oil, Chamomile Extract, Ginseng Extract, White Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract.

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Life is too short to live without the Urth Shave Formula 177ml. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 20, 2024