Shapton Glass Stone sharpening set (grit 500, 2000 and 16000) title="Shapton Glass Stone sharpening set (grit 500, 2000 and 16000)">

Shapton Glass Stone sharpening set (grit 500, 2000 and 16000)

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These Shapton Glass Stones sharpen quickly and evenly. Exactly what you are looking for in high-quality sharpening stones. Contrary to what you might expect with this name, you do not sharpen on the glass. You sharpen on a high-quality Japanese water stone. A layer of tempered glass is attached to this to prevent bending. These stones are suitable for sharpening almost all types of knives. From outdoor knives to kitchen knives and from pocket knives to chisels. Particularly with hard steels, these stones stand out. Think of the modern powder steel types that you will find with pocket knives in the high segment.

These sharpening stones are a real splash & go. That means that no soaking is necessary. You sprinkle them with some water and the sharpening can begin. The material is removed quickly so sharpening goes very fast. You have sharp knives in no time and less wear and tear. To further increase the lifespan, the glass plate ensures that you can use the stones to the limit. Even when the stones have become thinner after years.

The sharpening result is very even. The sharpening particles, made from white aluminium oxide, are very uniform in shape and dimensions. The minuscule "scratches" that you cut with these stones are therefore very even. You will not quickly come across a larger scratch that is difficult to sharpen away with a finer grit. Sharpening lovers around the world value this enormously. These Shapton Glass Stones simply belong to the best sharpening stones in the market.

Within the Shapton Glass Stones series the # 16000 stone in this is set a special exception. Where the other sharpening stones are made from exceptionally uniform sharpening particles, this is quite different with this 16000 stone. This stone is made up of many different types of abrasive particles that, together, polish even better. Because of this special composition, this stone is even better able to polish sharpening marks from the edge. And polishing is where it is made for. There are few stones with such a fine grit size. This stone is really meant for the final push to incredible sharpness. So you must have already finely sharpened your knives to get the most out of this 16000 stone. A very special sharpening stone for the true lover.

This set is comprised of the following parts:

  • Shapton Glass Stone HR grit 500 coarse 29.4 micron sharpening stone, 50102
  • Shapton Glass Stone HR grit 2000 medium 7.35 micron sharpening stone, 50302
  • Shapton Glass Stone HR grit 16000 micron fine 0.92 micron stone, 50303
  • Shapton Stone 50300 GS Field Holder

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Life is too short to live without the Shapton Glass Stone sharpening set (grit 500, 2000 and 16000). Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: May 16, 2022