SHAPTON GLASS STONE 16000 GRIT - Ozbarber title="SHAPTON GLASS STONE 16000 GRIT - Ozbarber">
SHAPTON GLASS STONE 16000 GRIT - Ozbarber title="SHAPTON GLASS STONE 16000 GRIT - Ozbarber">

Shapton Glass Stone 16000 Grit

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For those seeking an extremely high quality sharpening surface, the Shapton Glass Stones meet the needs of even the most discerning sharpener.

The 16,000 grit Shapton GlassStone provides a true mirror polish to tools and knives. The grit particles used on this stone are extremely small. This stone can only be used after you've created a very sharp edge with other fine grits. The grit particle size for this stone measures .92 micron average.

Stone dimensions: 8 1/4" long and 2 3/4" wide x 3/8" thick (210mm x 70mm x 10.5mm).

The Shapton GlassStone HR Series of Ceramic Waterstones is Shapton's most advanced stones for sharpening hard steels and modern steel alloys. They are one of the highest quality stones available at any price. The Shapton GlassStone is a high quality ceramic waterstone that uses uniform ceramic abrasives to provide a consistent and fast cut. The stones are backed with glass (hence the name GlassStone) to provide an exceptionally flat base.

Fast Cutting and Longer Wear

Waterstones are known for fast cutting which speeds up sharpening. Shapton GlassStones are very fast cutting, yet they wear much less than traditional waterstones. By wearing slower, they will require less flattening and you will remove less abrasive material when flattening.

Glass Backing

Each stone is backed with 5 millimeters of glass which provides a firm, flat base to adhere the ceramic waterstone abrasives. In addition, the glass backing provides you with a greater utilization of the stone because you can wear it down to the very end. In any other waterstone, as they wear thin, the stone will break and cannot be used.

Abrasive Particles

The abrasive particles in the Shapton stones are very consistently graded for optimal performance. In some grits, the particles are within .01 micron of one another. In other words, each particle is the same size. This uniform size allows the stone to sharpen faster and create a better finish. If a stone is inconsistently graded some particles are larger (thus providing a coarser edge) while some are smaller (slowing down the sharpening process). In usage we've found Shapton Stones to be very consistent and true to the specified grits.


The Shapton GlassStone measures 210mm x 70mm x 10.5mm. This is approximately 8 1/4" x 2-3/4" x 3/8". Each GlassStone is 10.5mm in total thickness with 5mm ceramic sharpening matrix and 5mm glass backing plate. This size is a good size for sharpening most tools and knives.

What is a GlassStone?

The stone itself is not made of glass. The ceramic sharpening matrix is actually white. The glass is only on the bottom of the stone to serve as a base. The grit and micron equivalents are marked on the underside of the stone and visible through the glass side for easy identification.

No Soaking Required.

Unlike traditional waterstones, Shapton waterstones do not require soaking. It is literally a “splash and go” stone. Since the binder doesn't absorb water, there is no need to soak the stones. We recommend a squirt bottle to keep the surface wet.

HR Series

The HR Series of GlassStones is a versatile stone for most sharpening applications (for straight razors and some high carbon steel we recommend the HC series). The HR Series is ideal for many harder steels, stainless steels as well as harder steel alloys.

Made in Japan

All Shapton GlassStones are made in Japan. We have been retailer of Shapton products for many years now. We have always found these stones to be of consistently high quality.

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The Shapton Glass Stone 16000 Grit was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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