Semogue 0030 Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand title="Semogue 0030 Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand">

Semogue 0030 Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand

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Manufactured in glassy or black acrylic. Minimalist design to highlight both shaving brush and safety razor.

All you need to use your brushes for a life time is to keep them clean and dry. Just rinse them well, shake excess water and put them aside in a dry place. If you have a brush stand it’s much better since you can hang them upside down, so they’ll dry better without any excess water in the knot. These stands are the perfect way to store your Semogue shaving brushes and safety razors. Made of clear acrylic or black these minimalist stands are simple but stylish.  The Semogue 0030 small brush & razor stand allows brushes up to 24mm knot and is recommended to use with smaller brushes like Semogue 610 Black, Semogue 610 Red, Semogue 620, Semogue 730, Semogue 730HD, Semogue 740, Semogue 750, Semogue 820 Black, Semogue 820 Red, Semogue 830, Semogue 1250, Semogue 1305, Semogue 1438, Semogue 1460, Semogue 1470, Semogue 1520, Semogue 1800, Semogue 2010, Semogue 2015, Semogue 2015HD, Semogue 2020, Semogue 2040, Semogue 2040HD, Semogue Owners Club Cherry Badger, Semogue Owners Club Ash Badger

If you have brushes with knots larger than 24 mm then we recommend the larger 0040 stand. It’s suitable with most razors. 

Material: Acrylic

Height: 9,50cm

Base: 9,25cm x 4,00cm

Weight: 33g

Brush Stand Diameter: 29mm

Brush Stand Opening Width: 24mm

Safety Razor Stand Diameter: 22mm

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Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Semogue 0030 Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 15, 2024