Rex Supply Co 1955 Old World Aftershave Splash title="Rex Supply Co 1955 Old World Aftershave Splash">

Rex Supply Co 1955 Old World Aftershave Splash

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Rex Supply Co. Old World Aftershave Splash is a love letter to the traditional frangrances men have used for centuries.This is going to be a great pairing to our 1955 Rex Tallow Shave Soap and will allow the after shaving burn that men look for.  The same men whose daily sacrifice built unprecedented economic growth in the 50’s and lead to a Golden Age of American Manufacturing we still celebrate today.Honest, hard-working men that were too busy providing for their country and families to debate about the characteristics of masculinity.. they just were.1955, the first offering from Rex Supply co. is a subtle, confident scent. Inspired by the most popular colognes from the 1950’s, with floral notes of Hyacinth & Gardenia woodsy notes of Vetiver & Sandalwood. The complex 1955 aroma is unlike anything available today, nothing musky, no headache inducing smack, and nothing exotic about this classic American construction. 

Scent Notes:  Hyacinth, Gardenia, Vetiver, SandalwoodIngredients: Denatured Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Rose Extract, Alum, Glycerin, Essential Oils, Frangrance, Blue No.1 


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The Rex Supply Co 1955 Old World Aftershave Splash is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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