Phoenix Hotel Cecil Ultra Premium CK-6 Formula Artisan Shave Soap 4 oz title="Phoenix Hotel Cecil Ultra Premium CK-6 Formula Artisan Shave Soap 4 oz">

Phoenix Hotel Cecil Ultra Premium CK-6 Formula Artisan Shave Soap 4 oz

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Our Most EPIC Return Of A Lost Classic Yet, Hotel Cecil! An Homage To Burma Shave & The Cecil Hotel!
Scent Profile: Talc, Cardamom, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Kephalis, Sandalwood, Cedar, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Oakwood and Oakmoss.

Though often overshadowed by their now historic, creative marketing, that really burned itself into the collective consciousness of America, the scent of Burma Shave in its own right is quite iconic too, if not more so! Warm, Powdery, Clean, Spicy, Masculine & Nostalgic! A scent so classic and epic we couldn't sit by any longer and see it lost to time. Sure, the signs, rhymes, and history of Burma Shave is the stuff of legend but the scent is equally so and should be celebrated as such. I can't fathom anyone not immediately falling in love with this fragrance. Seriously, there's just something so pure, wide eyed Americana, and forever innocent about this stuff, and THAT may just be the reason for this ultimate Halloween Mashup Paradox of Good & Evil, Dark & Light, Heaven & Hell! Bwa-ha-ha-ha...[*Lightning crashes. You may turn off the Vincent Price Voice now.]

Parallels & Paradoxes

Make no mistake, I do not exaggerate when I say that this may be our most mind blowing homage yet! Like a madman, I chose to do a joint homage to two American icons simultaneously, Burma Shave and then...The Cecil Hotel. The Cecil is possibly one of the most haunted hotels in the USA, if not all of the world! Typically, Fran and I have always done original scent blends for our Fall & Halloween releases but this year, 2020, has been anything but typical, so I thought I would reflect that anxious spirit into something untypical. Having an interest in all things paranormal and all things wet shaving, it really just made sense. But would it be possible to cobble together these two opposing forces? I was certainly up for the challenge!

[Note: there's also a tip of the hat to Nikola Tesla in our story! Who just so happened to have lived most of his life in hotels, even died in one. Fun fact: Tesla would only stay in rooms with numbers divisible by 3!]

Burma Shave (or Burma Vitae) represents life and sun. Heck, Vitae in Latin actually means "Life". Whereas The Cecil Hotel to many, symbolizers something very much the opposite. Believe it or not, they were both born in 1924. It's true, construction on The Cecil Hotel actually began in 1924! And in that same year, the version of Burma Shave that would eventually go to market was formulated.
1927 was also a big year for both. The Cecil opened its doors, and Burma Shave started one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time! Also, being a hotel for traveling businessmen, and Burma Shave being marketed as a quicker, more convenient brushless shave cream, a favorite for the man on the road, it would be silly not to think they never crossed paths. One might also imagine the guests of The Cecil passing many a Burma Shave sign on route to this dark destination!

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