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Phoenix Diver Down Aftershave & Cologne

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Hot Damn, this has been a long time coming! Thank you for your patience on this too folks. I know since we began passing out samples this summer many of you, if not all, have been champing at the bit! BOOOOOOM!

Scent Profile: A deceptively simple looking recipe, yet I assure you, it's an epic, heady blend of spiced rum, myrrh, *spikenard, Jerusalem Pine, a splash of lavender and a dash of cinnamon. Not a true bay rum by far but it definitely shares some DNA! *Not only was spikenard used for it's unique scent but also for its lite cooling effect! Not as straight forward as say menthol, but many of you will notice this stuff for sure! 

The Diver Down Collection: Artisan Shave Soap Original Formula, Ultra Premium Formula CK-6 Artisan Shave Soap, CK-6 Shave Sticks, CK-6 Shave Mug Pucks, Aftershave Cologne, Star Jelly Aftershave, Eau De Parfum, Solid Cologne, Shampoo/Conditioner Puck, Pomade, Body Soap, Talc Free Powder, Beard Balm, Beard/Preshave Oil, Vent Scents (Car Air Freshener), and EPIC Merchandise in order to celebrate this momentous occasion!

You will be tempted to wear this stuff all year round and no doubt want to use it everyday. Pairs well with a pipe and sweater, or Christmas dinner. Then there's the beach or the gym, or maybe around a campfire! The point I'm making is, Diver Down is just a versatile, timeless, magical classic! The scent alone also makes for a great conversation starter! Remember, it has been decades since anyone has really had their nose on this stuff! One whiff is like time travel for your schnoz! 

Enjoy my friends and maybe consider pairing Diver Down with a classic Gillette war year razor or straight to really pile on the nostalgia! SHAVE ON & Stay Groovy!

100 Ml
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The Phoenix Diver Down Aftershave & Cologne was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 25, 2023