Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Aftershave/Cologne Black Label title="Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Aftershave/Cologne Black Label">

Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Aftershave/Cologne Black Label

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A Bay Rum This Rugged, this Stout-Hearted don't come around these parts too often...if ever.

“Never run a bluff with a six-gun.”

 ~ Bat Masterson

Scent Profile: Gun Smoke, Leather & West Indian Bay Rum

Supporting Notes: Select West Indian Herbs, Spices & Citrus Notes suspended in a matrix of pure Elemi Resin and Labdanum Resin.

What Makes Boomtown Bay Rum So Different?

  • Zero Clove & Zero Alum
  • Charred Oak Barrel Aged
  • Scent Notes Blended to Balance
  • Contains Elemi & Labdanum Resins 
  • Made with West Indian Bay Hydrosol
  • Contains Seaweed Extract & Aloe Vera 

     "Another hit out of the ball park. Boomtown is the best Bay rum ever. End of story!"~Tony Ferrulli, Customer

Ahh, the Wild West, a by-product and possibly a backlash of American Expansionism & Civil War fallout, volatile times for sure and a place where the line between Outlaw and Frontier Lawman could be a tad blurry at times...rotgut blurry. This was a strange mix of strange folk indeed too; Native American Indians, Jaded Easterners, Gold Crazed Tender Feet, Railroad Men, Miners, Hustlers, Rustlers, Wranglers, Cowboys, Carpet Baggers, Gamblers, Outlaws drifting from town to town and territory to territory, The Chinese, Damaged Civil War Vets from both sides, Ex-Slaves, Farmers and European Immigrants from all over, hungry and desperate for a piece of everything this virgin land had to offer! Truly a melting pot, that proved often difficult to melt.

Listing is for one 100Ml Bottle of Aftershave/Cologne

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Life is too short to live without the Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Aftershave/Cologne Black Label. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: May 28, 2024