Parker 78R Safety Razor Satin Silver title="Parker 78R Safety Razor Satin Silver">

Parker 78R Safety Razor Satin Silver

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This is a brand new head design for Parker Safety Razor and it delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shave every time. Traditionally with most safety razors the blade short sides are exposed, but for extra safety Parker now has the short side of the blades enclosed inside the razor head, making it easy to hold and use. The textured handle also provides a good gripe for wet handles, this razor is great for men and women wet shavers and is sure to please.

This razor takes standard double edge blade. All double edge blades we sell will suit the 78R.

It is packaged in 100% COMPOSTABLE packaging!! 

Razor Type:  Three piece

Weight (approximately): 99 grams.

Handle Length (approximately): 9.7 cm.

Overall length (approximately): 10.5cm

Material: Brass frame with textured handle.

Made in India

Free Australia wide delivery on order over $30

The Parker 78R Safety Razor Satin Silver is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 03, 2023