Naniwa Super Stone 10000 Grit, S1-490 title="Naniwa Super Stone 10000 Grit, S1-490">

Naniwa Super Stone 10000 Grit, S1-490

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The Naniwa 10000 Grit Super Stone is an extremely fine grit stone that sharpens fast, bearing an outstanding reputation for its high quality make and consistent grading. Made with a resin bond, this stone has an exceptionally abrasive surface, sharpening with top-notch efficiency, and saving you some time. The resin bonded stone doesn't require a full soaking in water before you use it; Simply splash on a small amount of water, and you're ready to hone. The 10000 grit makes a phenomenal final sharpening stage for your blade, best if used after grits of 3000 or finer. Keep this stone somewhere handy, and your blade will never be in poor condition.

10000 grit - Ideal for finishing your edge.

Dimensions: 2.75" x 8.25" (210 mm x 70 mm)
Made in Japan.

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The Naniwa Super Stone 10000 Grit, S1-490 is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 21, 2023