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Naniwa Professional Stone 1000 Grit

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The Naniwa Professional-series is the improved version of the Naniwa Chosera Stones. Naniwa has renewed the binding agent of the water stones. It is unique that Naniwa itself takes care of the production of the binding agent. Optimal matching to the grit size is important. The result of this is that the sharpening properties of Naniwa water stones are significantly better than sharpening stones of other brands even though the grit size is comparable.

The Professional Stone is made on the basis of bound magnesium. This is a superior production method that ensures incredible sharpening properties. The Professional Stones barely absorb water so you only have to wet them after which you can immediately start the sharpening process. They do not have to be submerged. Once you finished the sharpening process it is important to dry the Professional Stones and to store them in a dry, dark place. This prevents the formation of small cracks.

About the grit size Sharpening stones are delivered with several grit sizes. The larger the number, the finer the grit. The finer the grit, the sharper the sharpening result. You start the sharpening process with a coarse grit and then continue with a finer grit. Steps of a factor two to three between the different grit sizes are ideal.

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