Naniwa Flattening Stone, Grain 220, A102 title="Naniwa Flattening Stone, Grain 220, A102">

Naniwa Flattening Stone, Grain 220, A102

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When the surface of your water stones has become hollow, this stone can be used to quickly flatten it again. You do this by moving the flattening stone quickly back and forth accross the surface of the water stone.

An even surface of the water stone is very important for the sharpening process. The use of sharpening powder or water is not necessary. Direct import causes a very good price!

We recommend to have several whetstones with different grain (coarse, medium and fine) to achieve the perfect sharpening

Naniwa sharpening stones are manufactured in Osaka (Japan) and this company does a exhaustive quality control of its products. Naniwa has been the top-brand for years and is very popular among sharpening enthusiasts.

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