Naniwa 1000 Grit Super Stone S2-410 title="Naniwa 1000 Grit Super Stone S2-410">

Naniwa 1000 Grit Super Stone S2-410

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Naniwa Super Stone 1000 Grit water stone.
Intended for grinding and rough sharpening.
It removes metal quickly and carefully.
The stone is suitable for any steel with hardness of up to 68 HRC.
Water synthetic stone Naniwa Super Stone for hand sharpening is a guarantee for premium sharpening quality. Thanks to the unique manufacturing technology, these stones are characterized by high productivity, and due to their structure can be used for any steel with a hardness of up to 68 HRC. Compared to natural sharpening stones, they have a more uniform composition and produce much more suspension. At the same time, during the sharpening process, the grain is constantly updated, giving a high increase in productivity. Stones are made on a organic bond, they retain their shape well, have a lot of abrasive particles per unit surface, and glare extremely slow. These stones wears off more slowly than other Naniwa stones and have a high concentration of abrasive, but less aggressiveness when removing metal.
The stone does not require soaking, it is necessary to use a sprayer. These stones are sensitive to prolonged exposure to water. They must be well dried and stored in a dry place. If the storage rules are violated, the stones may crack and lose their abrasive properties. You can not leave such stones wet in the cold, frozen water can destroy the stone. Stones may have white salt stains (salinity), which is the norm for these stones.
The stones need regular edging, which helps reduce uneven wear. You need to edit the stones on the possible thickest glass with its own suspension, without the use of silicon carbide.
Stone dimensions: 210х70х20 mm

TSPROF note:
Magnesian bonds are magnesian cement formed in air when mixing caustic magnesite and a solution of magnesium chloride. The tool on a magnesian bond has a low mechanical strength. Magnesia bond is hygroscopic, so the abrasive tool based on it should be stored in a dry room. One of the main features of this bundle is the high density and consistency of fine abrasive particles. This gives the stone the highest sharpening efficiency among water stones.

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