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Dovo 26810 Bismarck Straight Razor

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The Dovo Bismarck is a 6/8" fully hollow ground carbon steel straight razor weighing approximately fifty grams.   The classic round point straight razor's handle is made of ebony wood embossed in with the trademarked "SOLINGEN" logo, and the Dovo Bismarck's spine and tang. been given a gold wash treatment.

Dovo's Bismarck 6/8 is commonly referred as a shoulderless style razor - no secondary ridge exists at the heel which would otherwise need be avoided during stropping and honing processes.   Furthermore, this particular forging of the Bismarck is often called a "thumb notch" razor, as its tang has a shape that is designed with a thumb tip first and foremost in mind.

While all razors are whetted and stropped at the Solingen factory and Dovo-Stahlwaren certifies each razor as ready to shave via several quality control checks.  As a personal use tool designed for direct interaction with human tissue, razors which have had the factory seal breeched cannot be returned.

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