Captain Fawcett's Scapicchio Shaving Soap Refill

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Captain Fawcett's Scapicchio Shaving Soap Refill 110g

Intrepid Edwardian explorer, Captain Fawcett, is renowned for his original long-lost grooming requisites that the Captain Fawcett team now faithfully follow in order to create unique shaving products. The Captain Fawcett's Scapicchio Shaving Soap Refill is a beautifully fragranced shaving soap, designed to fit into the Captain Fawcett's Scapicchio Soap Wooden Bowl.

‘Scapicchio’ is a name synonymous with one of the oldest barber families in the world. Opening his first barber shop all the way back in 1820, Signor Marco Scapicchio passed down his knowledge of artisan skills through five generations, making the Scapacchio family the masters of the art of vintage Italian shaving. This beautifully crafted soap is a collaboration between Captain Fawcett and Scapicchio.

The Fig, Olive and Bay Rum Shaving Soap is the signature scent in this collaborative range, inspired by the abundant fig and olive groves found in the Scapicchio family’s native Puglia. A hint of West Indian bay rum has been added for good measure, creating a unique merge between various old-world traditions.

West Indian bay rum is known for being a traditional hair tonic, making it an appropriate choice for a shaving soap.

For best results, pair with a high-quality shaving brush dampened with warm water. Brush gently in a circular motion over the soap to create a thick and luxurious lather.

The product is beautifully finished off with Captain Fawcett branded tissue paper and wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. It is packaged in a thick cardboard box to allow it to be transported with ease.

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