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American Crew Lather Shave Cream 250ml title="American Crew Lather Shave Cream 250ml">

American Crew Lather Shave Cream 250ml

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Silky shaving cream that creates a rich, foamy lather that softens the beard hair for an easy shave. Lather helps keep beard hair lifted for a close shave, while protecting the skin from irritation and razor burn, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Dermatologically tested.

-Lathering formula softens and lifts beard hair for a close, easy shave
- Helps protect skin from irritation and razor burn
- Formulated with ingredients that provide hydration during the shave
- Leaves skin feeling smooth
- Dermatologically tested
- Packaging made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials

Ideally, shave after showering while the skin is still warm. Wet your shaving brush with warm water, and pick up product by dipping the brush in the American Crew Lather Shave Cream. Swirl brush vigorously in a shaving bowl to create a rich, thick lather. Apply to face in circular motions, utilizing bristles to lift hair away from the skin. Use a razor to shave with the grain of the hair. Re-apply the shave cream and shave lightly against the grain. Rinse with cool water.

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