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Abbate Y La Mantia Laureato Cologne title="Abbate Y La Mantia Laureato Cologne">

Abbate Y La Mantia Laureato Cologne

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A cologne differs from an aftershave or perfumed water by incorporating not a mono tone fragrance, but a set of several olfactory notes, often distant, that evoke a main accord.
In this case: BAY
Top notes (the most immediate and volatile ones): A peak of green almonds in a note of crisp lemon.
Middle notes (slower, but they last longer): A combination of bay and pine balm made spicy by the small notes of hawthorn.
Base notes (those who support and connect all the others): The woody part of the bay made majestic by a warm citrus cedar.

TOP NOTES: Balsamic, Almond, Grassy, Camphor, Lemon

MIDDLE NOTES: Spicy, Pine Tree, Hawthorn, Bay

BASE NOTES: Cedar Wood

More information and packaging

Amber glass bottle to protect every note of the fragrance.
Embossed “Cathedral vetrage” label

Capacity: 200ml/6,76 fl. oz

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Life is too short to live without the Abbate Y La Mantia Laureato Cologne. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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