Abbate Y La Mantia Ishtar Shaving Soap title="Abbate Y La Mantia Ishtar Shaving Soap">

Abbate Y La Mantia Ishtar Shaving Soap

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This is the point where endless cultural lines have passed.

Mesopotamian Babylon. This is its most important and splendid gate.

Our ISTHAR is a brick wall of cosmetic clays:

the white one (Kaolin) that regulates excess sebum while preventing the skin to become excessively shiny; and

the green clay (Solum fullonum) that fights subcutaneous bacteria avoiding acne and other imperfections, even if slight. The famous action of saffron pistils oxygenates the epidermis.

The fragrance, obviously hypoallergenic, is an element of perfumery.  The most precious oud is a strong resin, that opens incredibly with fans of conifers and medicinal herbs. The freshness is all about night jasmine and early roses.

 “An open door to the sense of smell, where eyes cannot see.”

OLFACTIVE: Oud is everything resinous that invades the nose of the listener. Ours is as welcoming as its host city. A boulevard of tall green trees and a carpet of wild herbs. The point of arrival is a moment where you can only close your eyes and feel your head heavy. Longing for the cool cushion that is given to you here.

SENSUAL: Being able to shave without dreading the negative effects that make the rest of the day uncomfortable. Being able to shave cleanly without redness, shiny areas or imperfections.

ACTIVE: Why is it for sensitie skins?


*Detoxifying and purifying properties: yields its mineral part to the skin, which returns toxins and impurities;

*Healing properties: useful for micro – cuts that are given by shaving


*Sebum – regulator function: to eliminate skin imperfections such as acne and blackheads;

*Exfoliating properties: they make it a useful product to accelerate normal cellular turnover;

*Healing properties: useful for shaving micro-cuts.

 A concert of cosmetic properties used since ancient times as the ultimate elixir of beauty, health and youth.

Capacity: 175g/5,92 fl.oz

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