WEIRDY BEARDY Product of Australia

Weirdy Beardy

In the very hot summer of 1969, Benjamin Beardy sought respite from the harsh sun and dry air of Outback Australia. He decided to visit his family’s ancestral home just outside of Aberdeen in Scotland. In good company and with much laughter, Benjamin indulged in the abundant Scottish whiskey.

He visited the Aberdeen Apothecary where he came across herbal hair tonics and oils. He discovered - to his utmost delight - that they were most well suited to his weathered beard.

Weirdy beardy beard oil

Upon Benjamin’s return trip to Australia he detoured to America and whilst in California he found moisturisers and shampoos for those of the masculine identity for the very first time. His mind returned to the Scottish Oils and tonics he had found in Aberdeen, and Benjamin Beardy’s great idea was born. He sampled all the men’s products that he could find, and returned to Australia with a precious selection and a mind full of ideas…

You see, Australia is a harsh place for men and their beards, but Benjamin had found a solution. Alone in his house with a selection of rare and precious ingredients and only his birds for company, he concocted all manner of beard conditioning creations. He refined his formulas with the meticulous focus that only a man with a great beard can cultivate, until they were finally ready.  Years of experimentation culminated in Benjamin’s formulating his outsatanding beard oils.

Soon he became a local legend: the only bloke who conditioned his beard for a thousand miles. His local pub dubbed him ‘Weirdy’, which oddly in the Outback is a compliment.

This was the beginning of the legend of Weirdy Beardy and his exquisitely conditioned beard… and in Weirdy Beardy’s formulas, the legend lives on.

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