Are you thinking about switching to wet shaving? If so, you probably have one question, “do I really need to buy a shaving brush set?” You are not alone, as the wet shaving culture is becoming more and more popular, many aspiring shavers have similar questions. ‘Is a shaving brush really essential, or is it just another luxury item, that shaving enthusiasts like to use?’

Ask any shaving expert, and they will tell you that the key to the ideal shave is always in the preparation. Shaving brush helps prepare your skin by adequately lathering your face. Now another question comes to our mind, ‘If this is all a shaving brush does, why not just save some money and use our hands?’ No, tons of benefits come from using shaving brushes that your hands cannot replicate. Keep reading to know more!

Reasons why you should start using a Shaving Brush:



Proper exfoliation is one of the imperative things to consider with wet shaving. While using soaps, creams, and aftershaves products sound like a smart idea, this might not help remove irritants and dead skin cells from the skin's surface. As a result, these particles can clog pores and create blemishes, unwanted breakouts, and pimples. However, using a brush like a badger shaving brush can keep away many skin problems related to shaving. The fibres in the brush, while applying the shaving cream, lift and remove oils, dead cells, and other contaminants.

To get the ideal Lather Consistency: 

Many wet shavers think that working up lather is done by simply applying shaving soap or cream to the face. While this is what we are taught, it may cause the hair to stick or mat to the face, making it hard to shave.

Instead, the lather applied with the best omega shaving brush lightly lifts your facial hair, allowing you to get into the lines and crevices of your face. When the hair on your face is straight, removing them with the razor is much easier.

Reduces Shaving Problems: 

Almost everyone reading this blog will have experienced those annoying bumps, razor burn, and pimples that appear after shaving. However, as mentioned above, the shaving brush lifts the hairs and also exfoliates the skin. The shaving cream or soap lubricates your face, letting the shaving razor to slide smoothly and reduce friction. Less irritation, less friction, fewer blemishes, these are all the benefits with shaving brushes.

Badger shaving brush

Take Away!

Wet shaving has not changed much since its inception. In fact, it is considered as an art today that is loved by most men. If your goal is to master the art of shaving, then one of the essential items you must have is a shaving brush. Different types of shaving brushes are available in the market ranging from badger shaving brush to synthetic brushes. Choose the right brush, and enjoy a perfect shave!

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