A common question most people ask is 'why should I switch to a straight razor from disposable razor?’ Well, straight razors are great. The shave is smoother and lasts longer. Straight shaving can have a meaningful impact on your emotional, physical, as well as financial well-being while also minimizing your impact on the environment. By becoming a straight shaver, you are transforming a chore into an empowering, enjoyable ritual. Still not convinced? Here are some good reasons why you should shave with a straight razor.

Good for your Skin:

Applying lather with a good quality shaving brush and shaving with a straight razor like the DOVO straight razor is kind of beneficial to your shaving routine. A shaving brush and straight razor can exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells in the topmost layer of the skin, and improves circulation, increases collagen production and promotes new cell growth. Straight shaving is cleaner compared to shaving with electric or cartridge razors. It reduces the risk of common skin problems like razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Help the Environment:

Think of the total number of disposable razors and the packaging you have thrown away in the past year. It’s a huge number, right? Now consider how many will you throw in your lifetime of shaving. With a quality straight razor like the DOVO straight razor, you will be using the same razor for years. That’s an excellent way to help the environment by significantly reducing the trash you dump.

Straight razor

Save Money:

By purchasing a straight razor, you will save money in the long run. However, in case of disposable razors, they don’t last long, and you have to regularly buy blades to achieve a nice clean shave. Over time, it can cost you quite a hefty bill.

Avoid razor burn and ingrown Hairs:

As the straight blade is sharper, the likelihood of getting razor burn and ingrown hairs is much less likely. Also, applying a high-quality shaving cream before shaving, offers better lubrication to avoid the razor from pulling the hair.

Turn a chore into Fun:

Even the biggest shaving enthusiasts and nerds can get tired of the same boring shaving routine. It really gets old waking up in the morning, already knowing it is just one more boring day like yesterday. To be honest, shaving with a straight razor is all fun. Straight razors will give you a great chance to break up the boredom and make you actually look forward to shaving in the weekends instead of just looking it as a chore.

Take Away!

There are different types of razors, including cartridge razor, double edge razor, etc. Out of all, shaving with a straight razor is a different experience. It can turn the daily bore into a fun and enjoyable activity.

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