So.. you want to grow a beard but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you attempted to grow one for a couple of days or a week and gave up at the bum fluff phase? Or maybe you just don’t think you’ve got the patience to get that awesome man beard you’ve always wanted. Well we have just the right tips for doing it so you don’t give up before it looks super manly and hella amazing! Follow these tips and your beard will look great and be the creator of beard envy from jealous non bearded folk!

1- Accept the itch 

New beard hairs are going to feel like a cactus poking out of your skin for a week and a half. After about a week, the prickly feeling begins to subside, so stay tough boys it is definitely worth the pain. It helps to brush the hair so everything grows in the same direction. Our Shop at The Bearded Stag has beard softener and beard oil that will take out the itch keep it soft, looking good and smelling amazing.

2- Have patience 

It takes roughly about a month to properly grow out a full beard some guys longer. You should resist the urge to overshape it and trim it in the early days until you can fully see what you have got going on. If your job requires a neat look you can however use a trimmer to make sure the hairs are all even in length though just don’t trim to much at first you want to give it all a chance to grow.

3- Wash it all the time!  

Just like your normal hair, it gets dirty and dirt gets trapped underneath it. Unlike your normal hair, you don’t get food and other particles stuck in it almost everyday. Every time you get in the shower you should wash your beard. You should not use normal shampoo however, as it will cause more of the dreaded itch we mentioned above. Purchase a gentle beard wash from our online store that will leave your beard feeling clean and fresh, minus the itch.

4- Soften it up for everyone’s sake 

Hair that is supple will lay flat, grow faster and best of all wont scratch your girlfriend (so you won’t have listen to complaining!). use a beard oil to soften up your glistening beard for a bit of shine and to keep the skin underneath moisturized. you might also notice just how quick it grows in as well!

5- Avoid hard lines 

A beard SHOULD NOT end at your chin. Why can’t someone celebrities this, they seem to neglect this fact. Let the hair grow naturally up to about an inch or two above your Adam’s apple, then allow it to fade using a few different settings on a trimmer.

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