DOVO Solingen is one of the most recognized names in wet shaving, specializing in grooming products for both men and women.

DOVO Solingen, Germany.

Founded in Solingen, Germany in 1906, DOVO was born when Carl Dorp and Carl Arthur Voos opened their first factory dedicated to forging and finishing straight razors. Using the first two letters of their last name, Dorp and Voos, they came up with the DOVO name.

DOVO original founder Carl Dorp (left) and his successor, Frits Bracht (right).

Shortly after World War II, the founders retired and their successor, Frits Bracht, took over operations, adding hair scissors to the company’s catalogue. With more shaving options available to men, Bracht strategically added scissors to complete with the emergence of the electric razor.

DOVO Solingen’s Moustache Scissors.

Brand Acquisition

Starting in the 1950’s, DOVO began acquiring prominent brands within the industry, including Bismarck in 1957, Kronpunkt in 1969, Fontana in 1970, and Merkur in 1996.

1970’s DOVO Solingen advertisement.

With each acquisition, they maintained their commitment to quality, transferring their expertise and skills to reintroduce each new brand in their catalogue. That expansion gave its loyal customers more choice, offering a variety of grooming products for different needs.

Merkur Safety Razors

Steel Masters

DOVO’s main area of expertise lies in their steel masterpieces of straight razors, safety razors, and manicure tools.

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor Blades.

Made from their factory in Solingen, Germany, DOVO uses quality carbon steel to craft a range of practical and durable products.

DOVO Solingen Factory.

DOVO Solingen Factory.

Enhanced with precious materials, including gold, rare wood, and silver, DOVO products are high-performing and aesthetically pleasing.

DOVO Solingen straight razor scales.

DOVO has continued to surpass quality and craftsmanship standards and are one of the few steel product manufacturers to carry the “Solingen” name, only granted to a selected number of producers.

DOVO Solingen Manicure Set.

DOVO Solingen Prima Klang Straight Razor.

Whether a devoted DOVO user or a wet-shaving beginner, shop for quality DOVO Solingen or Merkur Solingen shaving and grooming instruments from OZ Barber.

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