Feather - An Introduction to Cutting Edge



Founded back in 1932, Feather razor blades are known for being the highest quality and sharpest stainless steel blades and straight razors on the market giving you the best shave possible due to their sharp blades and smooth shave. This is also probably to do with the brands extremely high standards in quality control for consistency in manufacturing. They were the first company to make replaceable razor blades and with their extra-sharp nature they can slice through even the toughest of stubble to give the close, clean shave all men desire.


Since the huge success of the best razor blades, Feather have entered into various fields from shaving to grooming products to professional barber and beauty products. Their aim is not to follow the trend, but to provide products that can be trusted and favored throughout the ages. Let me guide you through some of the products we have on The Modern Man and how they do just that…


Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge safety Razor Blades

To ensure extra durability and smooth shaving each blade has a platinum alloy and resin coating. They are obscenely sharp but will reward you with the closest shave possible, that’s why they are generally renowned as the world's sharpest double edge blade. These type of feather double edge razor blades are also likely to be named as stainless safety razor's because there blades are covered up. You can also buy different blades from different companies for these razors however you the best one to go with is the stainless blades

These blades can be used with any double edged razor or snapped in half and used in a cutthroat razor.

Professional Super PS-20 Blades

Designed for those with a heavy or coarse beard, these blades are best suited to experienced razor users. In addition to a grated blade thickness to get through the demands of a thicker beard they are also a little bit wider to allow greater edge exposure to allow a remarkably close shave.

These blades are only to be used with Feather Razors.

Professional Artist Club Razor ACD-R

This series of professional shaving razors are some of the most advanced in barber and beauty razors in the world, designed for the needs and tastes of professional barbes. This razor is made using high-grade materials for the razor body and handles for high durability as well as heat and chemical resistance. The hand-finished concave shape is designed for the shaving experience of a traditional concave razor.

Professional Artist Club DX Razor ACD-N

This Razor is made of composite alloy metal, which enables smooth shaving whilst resisting heat, chemicals and other impurities. Providing excellent grip and control, the enamel handle is made from synthetically engineered resin. The lade head is a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism and can easily be dismantled and reassembled for cleaning.

Professional Feather Artist Club SS Razor

The SS Razors have been developed for more comfortable and smoother shaving feeling. The rounded tip disperses the pressure on the blade contacting the skin. The razor body is made from stainless steel whilst the handle is silicone resin. These high grade materials are used for the razor body and handles for high durability as well as heat and chemical resistance. For this reason, Feather is the professionals’ first choice for blades.

Professional PB-20 Blades

These are replacement blades for use with any of the Feather Artist Club razors, suitable for all skin and beard types. Each blade has a double platinum alloy resin coating and are 0.25mm thick and offer 1.2mm blade exposure. They feature triple grinding technology to guarantee optimal sharpness.

Feather Blade Disposable Case

This is the ideal solution for safe disposal of your used double edge razor blades. They can be safely discarded and stored in the sealed case until its full and the whole lot can be recycled. Up to 100 blades can be stored in this attractive green and white steel case. You’ll soon wonder how you managed before.

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