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The first few days, and even weeks, of moustache growth can be reminiscent of your pre-pubescent peach fuzz but persistence and the right products can help. 

"No product is really going to help you grow a moustache quicker, but definitely taking care of your skin and your hair will promote natural growth". 

Plus, using a good beard oil can also help you resist the itch that comes with growing facial hair. 

"For the first 10 days of growth, your hair is actually sucking all the nutrients and essential oils out of your skin, so that's where the dry skin and all that itchiness comes from" . "We actually refer to that as beardruff."

Get grooming

Don't be afraid to ditch the razor and go semi-caveman in the first stages.

"I definitely think for a moustache to look better when it's starting to grow out, you would grow your moustache, but then you'd grow a little bit of shadow under your bottom lip and also maybe on your chin, and then as that moustache starts to get a bit of length to it, then you could take your chin and the bit under your bottom lip a lot shorter. That'll make it look a lot more appealing." 

Once your whiskers have settled in, it's time to trim. I reckons around the second week mark for most Movember participants. 

"I definitely recommend growing it until the 15th, at least, so a good 10 to 14 days growth, and then you would look at trimming up your lip line," he says.

"That's the most important part to any guy with a moustache, because as soon as it gets past your lip line, it becomes really annoying to eat or even just talking, you can feel these little pricks. Or with your partner, if you kiss your partner or anything like that you can get little sharp bits."

Embrace your God-given growth

While upkeep can help, how your mo grows is pretty much out of your hands. 

"At the end of the day, it comes down to genetics, which some people can't help," Fraser says. 

If your handlebar is looking more like facial fur don't waste your time with potions and promises. Just wear your whiskers with confidence because whatever you grow will save a bro. 

Remember the reason

The Movember movement is taking on major men's health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Your help in spreading awareness and raising money goes a long way in helping change the face of men's health. Literally. 

emember the importance of what the message is, and what you're doing it for," Fraser says. "It's great that there's a bit of humour behind it and everyone has a bit of a laugh with the different moustaches created over the years for Movember, but at the end of the day, the underlying message is that we're doing this for a reason and for a charity so stick it out."

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