Improper shaving techniques are going to be the quickest way to sabotage yourself and cause ingrown hairs. By exercising some healthy grooming habits, you will be able to keep ingrown hairs out of your life. 

I don't think anyone who is reading this wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, "My goal today is to create ingrown hairs on my face", I know I don’t. So, when you look in the mirror and notice that you have an ingrown hair, it can be very disappointing, especially since It can be avoided. You're in luck because I am going to explain to you exactly how to prevent ingrown hairs.  

What is an ingrown hair? How the heck did one appear on MY body? An ingrown hair is a hair that has curled back into the skin and grown into the skin rather than away from it. Due to inflammation of the skin rejecting the hair growing into it, this now appears red and can cause discomfort, it also can look like acne and be embarrassing. In addition to looking bad, ingrown hairs can lead to scarring and infection. People with coarse, curly hair are much more likely to get ingrown hairs. So many things about the wet shaving world help us boost our confidence and our appearance, ingrown hairs don’t support anything about that mission. 

1. Keep your razor blade sharp.  

Using a sharp, single blade will work wonders when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs. If you are not already wet shaving with a straight razor or safety razor, learning to use one may be a good idea. By using an inexpensive disposable razor that becomes dull quickly, you are at a higher risk of getting ingrown hairs. These razors usually have 3 or 4 little blades, one blade to cut the tip of a hair and make it sharp, and the other 3 blades to bend this back into your skin. By using a sharp single blade, this is avoided.  

2. Soften the hair and skin on your face prior to shaving. 

Preparation is always where the majority of success stems from. Before you shave, it is EXTREMELY important to shower or use a wet, warm washcloth to soften your hair. Your razor is going to thank you for doing this. This will help you prevent ingrown hairs by not only making your hairs easier to cut, but you are cleaning off any debris and dirt at the same time.  

3. Use a pre shave oil.  

By using pre shave oil, you are softening the skin even more. Pre shave oil also protects your skin against the razor blade. It also provides a slick coat of oil for your razor to glide across. This oil, along with using a warm washcloth (or showering) will lead to maximum hydration of the skin. And improve your chances of preventing ingrown hairs immensely.  

Some extra tips for success, always shave in the direction your hair grows. Use as few passes of your razor as possible. Also, take your washcloth and soak it with cold water, and apply to your face after shaving to greatly reduce skin irritation.  I hope this helps! I hope you learned something, and that by a couple simple changes you will be able to reduce, or rid completely, any ingrown hairs you are experiencing.   


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