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Zenith Best Badger shaving brush black handle

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The badger hair comes from the high mountain areas in the Northeast of China The shaving brush is bulb shaped and has knot has 
Knot : 27mm 
Loft : 51mm 
Handle : Black colour 

Handle Length ( z ) : 72mm

Superb High Quality Craftsmanship.

The hair is slightly thicker than the silvertip rate but softer Handle in elegant turned black color
Made in Italy

Zenith is a brand of shaving brushes made by Pennellificio Pandolfo in Palermo, Italy. Since 1902, this family run business has produced quality brushes not just for shaving needs,but also for paint, artists, and cosmetics. Their shaving brushes and knots are hand made by skilled artisans the old fashioned way.


Badger Hair Brushes when new can have a slight smell to them when they are wet for the first few uses but the smell soon disappears - NOTE : Many are received without any odour too.

Badger Hair Shave Brushes work perfectly from new but will get softer after about 10-20 Shaves so do not judge their quality until you have used them quite a bit.

Badger Hair Shave Brushes 'might' lose a few hairs each use for the first month - if your brush continues to shed hairs after a month enquire about a replacement Brush.

Badger Hair Brushes also require that you soak the hair tips in WARM ( not hot ) water for about 5 minutes before each use to soften the badger hairs - this is important and if you do not pre soak them the hairs will start breaking off. 

Badger Hair Brush Fibres absorb & hold a great deal of water ( high water retention ) in the fibres when pre-soaking them before a Shave, which makes the lather stay very warm as you apply it to your face = Great Face Feel ! 

Make sure you properly dry your Brush after each use by first thoroughly rinsing out the Brush with cold or warm tap water ( not hot ), gently shaking out excess water, gently squeezing the Brush Knot with a dry towel ( without pulling on the Knot or hairs ) and then leaving out in the open to dry - some people hang the Brushes upside down to dry but we have found this is not necessary. Any Badger Hair Shave Brush can take between 1.5 and 2 days to ' completely ' dry out after each Shave. The smaller the Shave Brush Knot the quicker it can dry.

You can clean them once a month by gently washing them with shampoo and repeating the steps to dry the Brush.

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