Vielong Oxford Shaving Brush Brown Horse Hair  D24 title="Vielong Oxford Shaving Brush Brown Horse Hair D24">

Vielong Oxford Shaving Brush Brown Horse Hair D24

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Brown horse hair shaving brush. Hand-made by hand-crafted process care. Emulsions with circular movements without overpressing the soap or shaving cream until you get a dense foam and compact. Spread over the face by gently massaging with the brush and proceed with the shave.

Main features

  • Brown horse hair 100%: shaving brush made with unbleached brown horse hair. Horse hair retains water very well and allows you to create foam and keep it easy.
  • Sustainability: in total respect with the horse and as part of its care and hygiene process, the horsehair and tail are trimmed, it is healed and treated to produce our products without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • Qualities: extreme softness and firmness. Dense head to make foam quickly.
  • Packaging: designed box, like brush, with the traditional blue and red stripes used in classic barbers. A great item ideal for giving away.
  • Knot Diameter 24mm

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Inventory Last Updated: Sep 25, 2023