Vielong Espanola Black Horse Hair Shaving Brush D19 title="Vielong Espanola Black Horse Hair Shaving Brush D19">

Vielong Espanola Black Horse Hair Shaving Brush D19

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The Vielong Espanola Professional is a budget priced shaving brush. This animal-friendly, horsehair shaving brush benefits from generous dimensions which are ideal for face or bowl lathering. See Product Details for how the horse hair is collected and for the brush dimensions.
The black coloured horsehair although soft on the skin, gently exfoliates the skin when you paint the lather into your beard bristle.
Just like a badger hair brush, horsehair brushes retain heat and water, two essentials for a successful wet shave.
We suggest you hold the knot of hair as shown in one of the images, this stops the hair from flopping around while you paint the lather onto your skin.
Vielong, Animal-Friendly Horsehair Shaving Brushes are handmade in Valencia, Spain. Each springtime, the Andalusian Vileong horses are washed then they have their manes and tails cut. This hair is then graded, conditioned, softened and sterilised to strict EU standards of quality and hygiene. This way, Vielong achieve an environmentally friendly, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and ethical product.

Knot Diameter: 19mm

Vielong say:
The shaving experience with our natural Spanish horsehair brushes is unrivalled. The softness, the texture and the unique facial massage a horsehair brush give has converted many shavers to use our brushes as part of their skincare routine. The indisputable quality of the Andalusian horse makes Vielong natural hair brushes a unique product in the market, both nationally and internationally.

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