Phoenix John Frum Epic Talc Free Man Powder - Mentholated! title="Phoenix John Frum Epic Talc Free Man Powder - Mentholated!">

Phoenix John Frum Epic Talc Free Man Powder - Mentholated!

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Scent Profile: Sicilian Cedrat, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Ambergris, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Vetiver, White Musk & Animalic Musk.

Oh you are gonna thank me for this one fellas! Nothing feels better after a shower than a close shave, but second to that is mentholated powder. Cooling, Soothing, Long Lasting & Absorbent. Chilly willy....

Some of you may recall our infamous mentholated "Snow Balls" powder we did way back in the day, our latest John Frum Talc Free Man Powder is that 2.0! Not that it is as chilly, because it is not, that'd be cruel...but it is silky smooth feeling and will keep you dry, fresh and smelling great all the live long day!


Menthol Powder: What can I say about such a cool ingredient that you don't already know? It is found in peppermint and other natural oils. It is used as a flavoring and in decongestants and analgesics as well as aftershaves & colognes. These crystals however, I powdered myself into the finest powder...and this is where that tingle comes from. Again, you are welcome.

Directions: After toweling off from a shower apply powder liberally. Works wonderfully as a mild strength deodorant too for folks who find pit sticks too harsh. Also great for folks with stinky feet! Sprinkle powder in socks and sneakers to aid in absorbing odor. For super studs who may have a lady coming over, sprinkle a little on your sheets to freshen 'em up! There are a million and one uses for a good powder, Enjoy!

3.5 Oz

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The Phoenix John Frum Epic Talc Free Man Powder - Mentholated! destined to impress, and priced at only $29.99, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 27, 2024