Phoenix Clásico Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml title="Phoenix Clásico Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml">

Phoenix Clásico Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml

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"This stuff is one of the best smelling bay rums I have tried."~ Capt. Rob, The Bay Rum Dairies

First off, I think my Bay Rum is the best out there...of course you'd expect me to say this, but listen. I am a Bay Rum guy, when most guys were sporting Drakaar and Polo I was rocking Bay Rum. In fact, it was the lack of good Bay Rum soaps out there that inspired me to create my own shave soap back in the day! That said, I consider myself a Bay Rum connoisseur.  

Most "Bay Rums" out there are made with fragrance oil, and while that's fine I find it limiting and boring. I mean, if everyone is using the same synthetic Bay Rum Fragrance oil what's the point? Where is the unique character from brand to brand? Where is the tradition?

With that in mind i chose a long time ago to build mine from the ground up by blending high quality essential oils. Then there is the skin food included...you WILL notice the difference both in scent and feel! Enjoy!

NOTE: There is zero Clove in our Bay Rum

30 Ml

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The Phoenix Clásico Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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