Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml title="Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml">

Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml

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A Bay Rum This Rugged, this Stout-Hearted don't come around these parts too often...if ever.

"Another hit out of the ball park. Boomtown is the best Bay rum ever. End of story!"~Tony Ferrulli, Customer

Scent Profile: Gun Smoke, Leather & West Indian Bay Rum

Supporting Notes: Select West Indian Herbs, Spices & Citrus Notes suspended in a matrix of pure Elemi Resin and Labdanum Resin.

You read right folks, I decided to give in and finally give you what you have been asking for, a full on Eau De Parfum. True to form, it lasts even longer than our already long lasting aftershave cologne! Aside from scent strength however, our EDPs also possess a whole other dimension and shape! They are quite amazing to say the least....But lets dig into this, shall we?

What Makes Boomtown Bay Rum So Different?

  • Zero Clove 
  • Charred Oak Barrel Aged
  • Scent Notes Blended to Balance
  • Contains Elemi & Labdanum Resins 

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The Phoenix Boomtown Bay Rum Eau De Parfum 30ml is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 08, 2022