Muhle Kosmo S281 H873 3 Piece Shaving Set – Bog Oak title="Muhle Kosmo S281 H873 3 Piece Shaving Set – Bog Oak">

Muhle Kosmo S281 H873 3 Piece Shaving Set – Bog Oak

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A shaving set from Muhle, it consists of a fine badger hair shaving brush, a bog oak razor handle with chrome highlights made for use with a Gillette® Mach3® razor head, and a chrome-plated stand.

This rare material is not a wood species in its own right, but comes from wood that sank into bogs many centuries ago and has undergone various processes of change in the meantime. This preserves the wood naturally and lastingly. An expressive, dark colour develops due to the tannins in the bog. The scarcity of these tree trunks today makes this material a genuine rarity. The colouring of the wood varies between brown, dark brown and black-brown. To begin with, square timbers are sawn from the few usable trunk sections and then turned out as handles.

Several polishes with fine oils provide an additional seal for the surfaces and give them a silky-matt finish. Fine badger hair is softer than pure badger, but somewhat firmer than silvertip badger. The hairs are light grey in colour and feature the dark stripe or band typical of high badger hair qualities. This natural hair material is extremely well-suited to wet shavers who value the softness of badger hair and want to achieve a massage effect.

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