Milkman Boozy Body Wash 3-in-1 Gin & Tonic - 500mL title="Milkman Boozy Body Wash 3-in-1 Gin & Tonic - 500mL">

Milkman Boozy Body Wash 3-in-1 Gin & Tonic - 500mL

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By using this 3 in 1 Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, you'll notice:

  1. Your skin will feel soft and supple after washing. As you apply the gel to your body, you'll notice a gentle lather that cleans without being too harsh.
  2. Your hair will be squeaky clean, soft & healthy. Once you work it into the hair, the gel transforms into a thick foaming lather that will help remove built-up sweat, dirt & styling product. At the same time, it will pull moisture into the follicles to condition & strengthen your hair.
  3. You'll have less clutter in your bathroom as this one product does the job of a separate traditional body wash, shampoo & conditioner.
  4. The stunning Gin & Tonic fragrance will gently emanate from your body & hair throughout the day. It's not just a fake fragrance either. We make ours using real Gin extract obtained from the processing facility of Devils Thumb Distillery in Port Douglas. It turns something that usually gets thrown away, into a delectable aroma. You're probably going to get compliments... a lot!
  5. You'll feel a sense of pride every time you have a shower, knowing you've got a high-quality boutique body wash, built especially for guys, not like that cheap & nasty stuff you get from the supermarket.

How you’ll save time

  1. It's quicker to use, just pump & apply. No messing with caps, tubes or squeezy bottles.
  2. With one system, you're able to wash & condition your skin & hair. There's not need to apply separate products for each step of your bathing routine.
  3. The stunningly masculine fragrance will stay with you after the shower, meaning you don't need to spend time layering on a cologne if you don't want to.
  4. The massive half litre bottle will last ages which means you'll spend less time shopping for gel & more time doing the things that really matter.

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The Milkman Boozy Body Wash 3-in-1 Gin & Tonic - 500mL destined to impress, and priced at only $22.00, for a limited time.

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