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Milkman After Shave Serum (Spring Rider) 100ml

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We put everything you'd expect in a good after shave but took out the alcohol so it doesn't dry your skin out. Then we added a bunch of moisturising ingredients like the ones you'd see in an expensive high end day cream. The result is an After Shave that is fun & interesting to use whilst leaving you more time to enjoy that morning coffee. It's time to stop using your girlfriend's face cream & moisturise like a man.
For use daily
1. After your shave simply twist open cap & shake contents out onto your hand.
2. Rub into your palms then apply to your face & neck.

The Back Story
Dry skin is one of the biggest problems that regular shavers complain of. Although they are great for toning, alcohol-based after shaves can aggravate this sensitivity by stripping away moisture.

For more than a year we worked on an alcohol-free after shave formulation that would solve this problem.

We did was to invented a new category of After Shave. This became an After Shave 2 in 1 which not only soothes & tones, but also moisturises & protects the skin. To do this we added high quality moisturising ingredients - the kind you would see in an expensive age-defying day cream. In went Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5 & Kakadu Plum Extract. But it still wasn't enough.

We then went about developing a series of 4 scents, each one specifically designed to capture the essence of the seasons. Spring Rider captures a masculine mix of leather and floral notes.
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Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Milkman After Shave Serum (Spring Rider) 100ml is for you.

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