Headblade Headslick Shave Cream 237ml title="Headblade Headslick Shave Cream 237ml">

Headblade Headslick Shave Cream 237ml

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Wow. Talk about a natural. You may be asking yourself why we didn't come out with this sooner. We won't lie and say it had to age or some garbage like that. All we can say is that we didn't want to come out with a product until we knew we had the best stuff out there. HeadSlick is formulated to give the smoothest shave possible. Special lubricants allow blades to glide effortlessly along the skin.

HeadSlick is water soluble, so blades rinse easily. And because HeadSlick is mentholated your skin will feel cool and refreshed after shaving. And don't worry about us selling you a shave cream you'll need to replace every two weeks. We know that shaving the face AND HEAD uses twice as much cream. HeadSlick is the best seller and lasts a long time!! 

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Life is too short to live without the Headblade Headslick Shave Cream 237ml. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 09, 2023