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Dovo Leather Razor Strop

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The Dovo calfhide leather strop (model 152) is the basic offering made of quality gently-tanned leather.  Nickel-plated swivel hanging hook.  “D-ring” type bottom handle.  Meaningful stropping surface 1.75 x 13″.

A sensible choice as a second strop dedicated for a sharpening paste.

Dovo Linen & Russian Leather Strop

The Dovo linen strop (18345002) has a 1.75×15.6″ effective piece of sweet-smelling Russian-type calfhide with stitched and padded handle along with a linen rear preparation surface.   This is a webbed cotton type of linen preparation side, so perhaps consider adding a linen-only strop if you wish to keep the razor sharp through sharpening pastes.

Superior Hide Quality, Yes, But Permanently Stitched…Be Careful

Dovo’s velvety velour is the envy of more common strops.  Unlike modern production American strops with riveted ends, unfortunately, nothing on a Dovo can be user-replaced.  They are sewn, so if nicked, one can only sand down the problem spot and endure life with less owner’s pride.  Go slow; it ain’t a race, and the razor don’t know the difference.

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The Dovo Leather Razor Strop destined to impress, and priced at only $88.00, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: May 29, 2024