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Dovo "Diamant" Straight Razor Ebonywood Handle 5/8"

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A striking combination of gold-etched black carbon steel and elegant white ebony, the Dovo "Diamant" Straight Razor, Ebonywood Handle, 5/8 is finely made and capable of being honed to an extremely sharp edge. In a reversal of the expected, the handle is a blond-colored wood while the blade is black and a full hollow grind. Like all Dovo razors, it is designed to sit easily in the hand and shave cleanly and comfortably in the wet-shaving tradition. 

Razors made in the Solingen area of Germany hearken back to the middle ages and the beautiful and deadly swords made in that region. The same methods used to craft ancient weaponry are now used to make handsome and effective men's shaving tools. We offer the German masterpieces Dovo creates proudly on the pages of our on-line men's specialty shop, and know that our customers will wield these premium razors just as skillfully as did the knights of yore their chased and elegant blades. 

Hand-ground 5/8". 
Hollow Ground blade. 
Metal gift box included. 
Manufactured by DOVO of Solingen, Germany. 

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Inventory Last Updated: Dec 09, 2021