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Boker Camellia Oil 100ml

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This high-quality, pure Camellia Oil is made according to a traditional Chinese recipe and has many uses. The thin oil is extracted from the seed of the camellia tree, is taste neutral, odorless, and does not dry. The camellia oil is food safe and impresses with its special purity.

Corrosion protection: The acid-free, non-resinous, and non-evaporating camellia oil is traditionally used to protect from corrosion in the care of high-quality knife blades made from carbon steel as well as tools and weapons. It is purely organic and perfect for preserving non-stainless cooking knives and Straight Razors since – in contrast to other care oils – does not form an emulsion with water.

Wood protection: The low-viscosity oil quickly absorbs into the wood and protects from moisture, dirt, and UV radiation. Camellia oil is clear, does not discolor the wood, and brings out the grain beautifully. Outstanding for the care of high-quality Straight Razor handles and cooking knife handles made from fine woods.

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