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Boker Belgischer Brocken Coticule Sharpening Stone 8000 Grit

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Great Razor Stone!

"Belgischer Brocken" (Belgian Whetstone)

Exclusive traditional whetstone from a small area in the Belgian Ardennes. Proven for generations, and famous for the unique material used, efficiency, and perfect results.

Belgian Whetstone Coticule

The traditional yellow whetstone is, in nature, only available in thin layers and is thus mounted on a piece of slate. With the high content of garnet (35%-43%), the whetstone works effectively and provides excellent results. 8000 grit. Comes in an attractive wooden box. Length: 6-7/8". Width: 1-1/2". Thickness: 3/4". Weight: 16 oz. From Belgium. Boxed in Solingen, Germany. The yellow stone is mounted on a slab of schist that is not usable and so these are not double sided whetstones.

To the noblest "natural sharpening system" of the world.
The legendary stone has been used over 400 years to sharpen knives and tools. 

Your guarantee of quality and sustainability of the natural materials and the simple and user-friendly handling.

Take the traditional way to sharpen your knives and tools. 

Every Coticule stone is completely hand made at Ardennes Coticule so every Coticule stone is a one of a kind!

Ardennes, founded in 1998, continues the activities which were started in 1865 by the original work shop ‘ateliers Burton’. This involves the exploitation of the quarries and the production and sales of schist for different applications. Ardennes is specialised in the well known whetstone Coticule or Belgian Sharpening Stones.

When using these whetstone the crystals are released from the stone itself and produce together with water a very “abrasive milk”. grenatsIn crystal form the Garnet is round or slightly oval and resembles a football (5-20 micron), made up of tiny facets (Rhomboid). These facets create obtuse angles to each other, and it is these corners which are in contact with the metal to be sharpened. These attributes are why the stone sharpens so quickly and delicately.

The yellow whetstone: Coticule
This is the traditional whetstone that contains 35 to 40 % of garnets which gives it the best grinding characteristics. Because of the odd nature of the environment the Coticule is found in the thinner layers, because of that it needs some work; the gluing and shaping. 

Why does the yellow stone sharpen so fast and delicately ?
This is because of the garnets. As soon as you start sharpening, the garnets leave the stone. Blended with water they form a very abrasive paste. The garnets have a round to oval shape with a dodecahedral structure. They can be compared with a football which consists of a lot of small leather planes, stitched together to form a round object. If the diameter of the garnets is for example 15 microns, only 2 to 3 microns of the obtuse angles of the garnets penetrate into the object while sharpening. In this way, the yellow stone sharpens fast and delicately at the same time.

Can I use water and oil at the same time ?

Yes, you can. If you already have the habit to use oil, you can go on with this. Nevertheless, water is sufficient.
How can I make the surface flat again ?
Put a piece of abrasive paper on a flat surface. Add some water and rub the stone over the paper. It’s advised using abrasive paper with sand grains of +/- 80 to 100 micron.
Does the stone get clogged ?
No, Coticule is a non porous stone so it can’t get clogged.
What’s the life span of the stones ?
At least 10 to 20 years! In case of intensive use, its life span will decrease.

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The Boker Belgischer Brocken Coticule Sharpening Stone 8000 Grit is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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