BeauFort London Lignum Vitae Eau De Parfum 50ml title="BeauFort London Lignum Vitae Eau De Parfum 50ml">

BeauFort London Lignum Vitae Eau De Parfum 50ml

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Inspired by the innovative use of materials that allowed 18th Century clockmaker's to construct the first accurate marine chronometers. The hard wood Lignum Vitae (also known as the Tree of Life) was the only wood that would withstand corrosion on the seas for long periods so was used in place of metal to create clocks for ships. When cut, this incredible hard wood releases the most amazing aroma of sweet, spice - almost like a desert. This fragrance recreates the scent that this wood releases, whilst playing with the contrasts in notes.

A fragrance of duality - soft and hard, metal and wood. Lignum Vitae combines elements of wood, metal and salt to produce a truly unique, transportive fragrance. In combining unexpected and exotic raw materials, we celebrate the innovative spirit which brought to an end the search for lost time, and permitted the safe passage of ships across the world.

This fragrance is warm and spicy, a touch of sweetness is softened by the sharp spice and the Sea Salt. Beaufort London's Lignum Vitae has a warm, buttery depth when it is on the skin, as it keeps revealing new layers.

Top: Black Pepper, Pepper Tree Berry Oil, Madeleine Cake Accord
Middle: Juniper Berry, Ginger, Lime
Base: Lignum Vitae Wood Accord, Buttery Accord, Sea Salt Accord

Beaufort London is an incredibly unique English perfume house created by musician and writer Leo Crabtree. Inspired by Crabtree's lifelong love of fragrance mixed with his fascination with the darker elements of British history, Beaufort London's first collection of intense, and bold perfumes is titled "Come Hell or High Water". Coming from a family history of seamen, Crabtree also references the sea throughout this collection. "The sea, its traditions, superstitions and way of life are ingrained in me. The brand's name Beaufort London (derived from the 1805 wind force scale conjured up by Naval Officer Sir Francis Beaufort) represents a kind of framework within which we can understand ourselves. The wind in consistent, enduring, but ultimately changeable and potentially destructive."

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