What People Talked about: Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl 200g

Great lubrication and scent.

Great product. I tried the Sandalwood fragrance. I also had the cream from Truefitt & Hill for comparison. Having already been through half a tub of the T&H prior to this one, I had a good baseline for comparing the two products. My first impression of Geo F Trumper's (GFT) cream is that the sandalwood scent is less potent than the T&H. Both smelled great. I also noticed that post-shave, my skin did not seem as tight after using the GFT, which left me disappointed at first. However, after several days of using the product, I found it lubricated better and I less burn if I had to work over a tough area a few times with the razor, which was immediately noticeable when I switched back to the T&H for one shave. I never used the T&H again. Both are good products, but I definitely give the edge to GFT. I think it's lubricating properties are far superior to the T&H.

You pay for what you get

I have tried many shaving creams, sticks and soaps over many years with varying degrees of satisfaction. This product was recommended to me to be used together with the matching Trumper's Skin Food. I followed that recommendation and what a perfect match those products are! Fabulous luxurious lather, silky smooth with a light masculine aroma. It is trite to say that there are cheaper products available, but these products do prove that old adage "You get what you pay for". Spoil yourself, indulge and experience a great shave.
Very Unique

A hint of sandalwood is hidden under the scent of unlit tobacco. At least for me it does. Every one of my family members said something different about what it smells like, so you'll have to try it for yourself. It smells good, but if you hate the smell of tobacco you'll probably hate this too. Lathers up easily and is extremely smooth. Hard to get a bad shave with it. A manly and clean scent lingers after the shave, and it's nothing like the original scent.

Really great cream

Great stuff! For me if I’m comparing the two, Geo F Trumper and Taylor Of Old Bond Street, I feel that Geo F is a much slicker cream and has a better lather, albeit that Taylor’s is very slick and makes a damn nice lather as well, but I have to give the victory to Geo. I also prefer the Geo Sandalwood scent over the Taylor’s as well – I find Taylors is somewhat creamier and Geo’s is more refined and complex is how I’d put it. I’d give the Geo scent strength a 5/10, I find it to be just right.


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